Editing and Designing an Advert

I was recently asked to design an advert promoting a support group in Exeter (UK) for individuals affected by the pandemic. The brief stipulated that the advert must be suitable for use as an A5 flyer and laminated poster that could be displayed in various public settings, such as GP surgeries and dental practices, and posted online. My clients provided the written content but asked for it to be edited to improve clarity and cohesion. They also requested an image or two to accompany the text but asked that it contain no people to ensure inclusivity.

Market research presented multiple designs that contained excessive text, imagery and colours. Consequently, those posters felt cluttered and overwhelming, qualities inappropriate for a support group aimed at individuals already overwhelmed by the pandemic. Therefore, my design needed to include just one image and a simple palette of two colours, with the salient points summarised in a professional but friendly tone to encourage contact. Finally, the font size had to be small enough to fit on an A5 flyer but big enough to be visible at a distance when used as a poster.

Daffodils represent hope, rebirth, and life to many people. Consequently, they are well suited for use on a flyer advertising a safe space in which to begin the healing process. The flower and its colours are also gender neutral, thereby indicating that the group is open to everyone. I cropped and edited a royalty and license free image in Photoshop to add shadow, sharpen colours, and adjust contrast, and then placed it against a yellow background to highlight the gold in the petals and lift the text from the page. The information itself is in a sans serif font to increase readability, and the font colour matches the green stems, while the layout follows the edge of the image to bring the two components together.

I am open for commissions and collaborations: if you have a project that needs editing or designing, please contact me here.

P.S. If you are local to Exeter and in need of some support, please do send an email to the address on the poster – Christine and Ayesha are compassionate, professional therapists who have helped a lot of people.

Editing and design using Photoshop by Lydia Ruth Martin

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