Two Sides to Every Tree

Sam Lloyd's psychological thriller, The Memory Wood, had quite an impact on me (my review can be found here). In fact, the book inspired the following sketch! I haven't played with watercolour pencils and graphite for a while (around the same time I produced my sketch of the parrot, which can be viewed here!) so … Continue reading Two Sides to Every Tree


Book Review: The Memory Wood

Warning: spoilers. Please note, I recommend that The Memory Wood (2020) be read without any prior knowledge of the plot; I knew nothing about it and I think this made Sam Lloyd's debut psychological crime thriller more, well, thrilling! The book does, however, deal with some potentially upsetting themes; if you are undecided about reading … Continue reading Book Review: The Memory Wood

William Wordsworth: A Research and Editing Project

Do you like editing? Or Wordsworth's poetry? Well, I love editing but I've never really enjoyed Wordsworth. At least, not until this university project. I was (hypothetically) commissioned to edit the poem 'Simon Lee, The Old Huntsman' to represent Wordsworth in an anthology of Romanticism, aimed at first-year undergraduates. The brief allocated 2000 words (excluding … Continue reading William Wordsworth: A Research and Editing Project

Book Cover Designs: The Beat Generation

Artwork, editing, design and layout by me, for a university project in publishing only, using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. The brief was to produce book covers for two series, one by Charles Dickens and the other any two books from the Beat generation. Each series had to be visually identifiable as a series, and had … Continue reading Book Cover Designs: The Beat Generation