Song of Selene

Queen of the night 
And sister to Sun; 
Selene is in flight, 
Her song has begun. 

Waning or waxing, 
The rabbits rejoice! 
Dusk is for dancing, 
Bewitched by her voice. 

She tugs at the tides 
And welcomes the dew; 
She brushes the skies 
With ribbons of blue. 
Friend of the feline, 
The moth, and the fox; 
Her words so divine, 
Wolf never gets lost. 

I rise before Dawn 
To bottle in jars, 
This chorus adorned 
With stories and stars. 
But musical moon 
Winks silver, and beams: 
'I sing for you too, 
There's really no need.' 
‘Once in a Blue Moon’ by Lydia Ruth Martin.
Upcycled buttons and beads on felt; edited in Photoshop.

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